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Macomber's is pleased to offer No-Sort Recycling!


Macomber's is pleased to offer our customers a more expanded recycling program.  All recyclables must be clean but they no longer need to be sorted. You are allowed up to two (2) 30-gallon cans or four (4) 15-gallon recycle bins.  

Everything need to be ready by 7:00 a.m. on your pick-up day. A separate truck and driver will remove your recyclables.





Cardboard: cereal boxes, pasta boxed, shoe boxes, juice boxes, corrugated cardboard

Paper: newspaper, junk mail, envelopes, catalogs, soft cover books, telephone books, brown bags, magazines and inserts

Plastic: containers #1 -#7, (milk jugs, bleach, detergent, shampoo bottles) and rigids (laundry baskets buckets)

Glass: bottles and containers (any color)

Metal: aluminum, tin, steel containers (pie plates/trays/foil)

If you have any questions please call 


Dirty recyclables containing paint, dirt/soil, food waste, grease/oils

Foam packaging, Styrofoam 

Hazardous material or household trash

Plant & landscape pots, large rigid plastics (laundry baskets, buckets) plastic bags, plastic wrap, shrink-wrap 

Pyrex, ceramics

hredded paper, tissue paper, reflective or iridescent wrapping paper

Window glass, mirrors, light bulbs, dishes

 !!No Plastic Bags of any Kind!!

        * Macomber's No-Sort Recycle Info Letter *

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